Perennial Flowers

perenial flowersMost of what we have planted so far have been perennials. These are some of the easiest flower beds to care for. Since I’m getting up there in age, I don’t want to have to be down on my knees every year planting new flowers. We started with tulips, iris’s, and lilys for the most part. We found that at sometime in the past one of the people who had the house before us had put in some crocus’s and daffodils so that is just an added bonus for us, although we will be moving them to new locations.

The lilac bushes are also scheduled to be moved this year. We really don’t care for thelocations they are in, even though we love the bushes. As a bonus they have had timePerennial bushes to establish themselves and we will most likely end up with about 8 seperate bushes from the two that we are moving. At the moment my roommate and I are disagreeing on where they will end up being moved to. I want to spread them along the inside of the picket fence and my roommate thinks they would work better as a hedge type planting seperating us from the neighbors.

Perennial flowersThis will be our first spring in the new house so we are looking forward to seeing what other surprises we will find as the year progresses. We did find a new home for the daylily bulbs we dug up last fall. By the end of summer they will be lining the property our next to the road. We have plenty of space there for them to grow and spread as much as they like. I’m still pulling up bulbs that were missed last fall and probably will be for some years to come. Daylilies don’t care for being moved.


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