Thank goodness the holidays are over

Yes, I know, this is perhaps not the best way to look at it. However, I have spent the last 3 days doing nothing but cooking getting ready for a family dinner. We had 16 people invited over for that holiday dinner and some were coming from as far away as California. Talk about a stressful meal to prepare.

Keep in mind that we have only been in our new house since August 3rd. We were actually not planning on having the holiday dinner this year because my roommate and her children were planning to visit family out of state. Those plans fell through and suddenly we were doing a holiday dinner anyway. Which meant really that I was doing a holiday dinner since my roommate has a permanently broken leg. She helped as much as she could.

It was all going pretty well, we had most of the cookies and deserts done when suddenly we got thrown another curve ball. Our main breaker died. Got to love surprises that take away all your electricity and heat. That’s when we found out that the fuse box in our new house was made by a company that is no longer in business and is almost impossible to find parts for. We had a choice to make. Wait two more days with no heat for the part to be special ordered, or call every electrician in the phone book and hope that one of them had the part in stock.

We went with option 2, two more days and nights with no heat in Northern Michigan did not sound like a good idea. Not to mention that we were supposed to be hosting a Christmas dinner the next day. All in all I’m just glad that the holidays are over and we can get back to normal. Well as normal as it ever is around here.


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