Running out of time

It looks like winter might have finally caught up with us here in northern Michigan. This means that instead of digging outside I can start doing the research on what I want to do next spring. Well that and working on the inside of the house.

We are trying to recycle and reuse when we can. Thank goodness for low VOC paints. I can still get a lot done in the winter because these paints don’t have the strong smells and chemicals that make painting in enclosed spaces a problem. I really need to pick up a new digital camera so that I can show everyone exactly what we are doing.

The only room that we really have finished is the living room, but then again it was the one room that needed the most help. When we bought the house the living room walls were the worst possible shade of greenish black that I have ever seen. Do you remember those really old blackboards in school? The ones that you couldn’t really tell whether they were black or green? That was the color on the living room walls.

This is how it looks now. We are so proud of how it turned out.

Living room

Add to that a ceiling that looked like a coke bottle exploded and sprayed pop all over it and you can see why we had to work on it first. There is no overhead lighting in the living room so it was like having a cave off the dining room in the evenings. I really wish we would have thought to take a before picture, but all we were thinking of was getting rid of that hideous color on the walls. It’s a little cluttered but then again we moved two households into one house so we are still in the process of weeding things out.


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