Rebuilding the Deck

Thank goodness that my roommate’s brother is good with his hands. He came up and helped us replace the portions of the deck that someone who lived here previously had torn apart to use for firewood. It’s a wonder to me that anyone at all is willing to rent out their property. So many renters have no respect at all for the homes they rent.

In our case this worked in our favor. The people we bought the house from were tired of trying to find good renters and decided to sell the property on a land contract. We are so glad they did. At the moment the house has a few rough edges for us to work on, but most of the improvements are cosmetic.

To us this means that we can make it exactly what we want it to be a bit at a time. We are trying hard to complete one project at a time but we are only human and we get sidetracked now and then. Speaking of sidetracked, I started out talking about our deck.

While our deck is now structurally sound it does look a bit strange. We are working on a tight budget trying to get things done. So at the moment our deck is part weathered wood and partially new clean wood. Deck before

Next spring we plan to rent a power washer and get it all back to new condition and stain it. It will be a slow process but we figure that we have the rest of our lives to keep tweaking it.

We are trying to decide on the color of stain we want for the deck in the spring. We are leaning towards a cherry color. Of course we also talked about roofing it over and making a screened deck out of it. I never said we had small plans.


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