Early mistakes

After getting the inside of the house working for us, we started on the landscaping.

For some reason mother nature is giving us some extra time this year. It is now November and we are still having some very nice days although the nights are dropping below freezing. The point behind all this is that we had more time to work on the yard than we thought we would this autumn.

We got a few of the flower beds dug up and ready to go for spring. Although, I did make one decision that may not have been all that smart. It sounded really good at the time though. At some point in the past people had planted a bed of orange daylilies between the deck and the back porch. If you’re a gardener you probably know what my mistake was.

Yeah, I decided to move them.

This doesn’t really sound all that bad does it? If not then you obviously haven’t tried to do it! We have no idea how long this bed of daylilies had been growing there, but to say that they were overgrown would be an understatement. Root bound is the term that comes to mind when I think of what we found.


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